Born son of two Lebanese immigrants, Nebal Maysaud discovered music at a young age thanks to his school’s band program. Since buying his first notation software in 2009, Nebal has grown to become an impactful, award winning composer.

His music is a convergence of faith and identity, asking the big questions in his most personal way. Nebal is a strong activist, who uses his artwork to advocate for the traditionally silenced. His music is inspired by artists of various traditions, including Vaughan Williams, Khalil Gibran, Arvo Part,  Walt Whitman, Fairuz, and J.S. Bach.


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I believe the best art comes from a a team of dedicated artists, not from one person’s inspiration. I love working with all sorts of different people, from classical musicians to a Rock Band, to producers, and that is something I try to foster in my students when giving lessons.

Whether you’re a performer, collaborative artist, producer, or potential student, there is something we can do.

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In 2013, a study was published about mice. Researchers tortured mice as they were fed strawberries and studied their children. Not only did the original mice fear the smell of strawberries but their children and their children’s children did as well. Thus, we have confirmed the epigenetics of pain and that is where this story starts. Nebal Maysaud has crafted this series of works to study radical trans-temporal queer pain…

-Naomi Oster 

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My latest album, LOVE, is a live Recording from my Senior Recital at Lawrence University. This album features five prominent pieces, telling stories of identity and faith.



Here are a two featured tracks from LOVE, as well as my wind ensemble work, On the Mountains of Orphalese… 

For more information, including audio for the whole album, and plenty of information about each piece, please press the “Read More” button below 


كأسي وخَمري  for Choir


Prayer for the Fire Worshiper, for two voices and guitar, 


On the Mountain of Orphalese… performed by the Lawrence University Wind Ensemble 


 Explore my works page and explore my albums, large ensemble, chamber, and solo works! Each with information about the piece and performers! 


 Please feel free to contact me about anything. I try to be as receptive as I can, and I’m always happy to talk to folks. 

 I am more than happy to talk about possible lessons or a commission! 

Keira Jett


“His music is an absolute joy to listen to, explore, and embody! I have grown as a musician and as a spiritual thinker through watching and working with Nebal, and I can only hope to have the honor of collaborating with him again and again.”

Evan Class

Music Lover

“I have been to several performances of Nebal’s music, and those have been some of the most moving and interesting performances I’ve been to in my lifetime. Beautiful and powerful composition.”

Ethan Valentin


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