Large Ensemble

كأسي وخَمري (app. 9 min., 2016) for 8 voice choir and percussion.  From LOVE.

On the Mountains of Orphalese… (6 min., 2016) for wind ensemble.

O Great Mystery (7 min., 2014) for Orchestra  


Chamber and Solo Instrumental

Decolonized Arabesques (10 min., 2017) for Piano, Saxophone, Viola, and Bass.

Electronic Battleship (7 min., 2015) for string quartet and percussion. From LOVE.

Three Places in NoVa (20 min., 2015) for euphonium and piano A Patreon Exclusive.

  1. The Arab from Alexandria
  2. Dark Night in D.C.
  3. The Fredericksburg Funk

Polar Vortex (5 min., 2014) for solo flute


Vocal Works

Prayer for the Fire Worshiper(4 min., 2016) for two voices and electric guitar.FromLOVE.

Song for a Small Guest (5 min., 2016) for voice and piano. From LOVE.

A Psalm of David (14 min., 2016) Opera scene for two voices, piano, and double bass.A Patreon Exclusive.

Our Love (5 min., 2017) for voice and piano. A Patreon Exclusive.

Holy Doubts and Empty Prayers (20 min., 2014) for voice and piano

  1. Sacrilege
  2. Heirophany
  3. Reconciliation
  4. Credo
  5. Crucifixus

Piano and Keyboard

The Arrogance of Time (15 min., 2015) Sonata for piano. From LOVE.

  1. The Arrogance of Time
  2.  Passacaglia A Patreon Exclusive

Ave Maria (7 min., 2015) for organ, or for viola and piano A Patreon Exclusive

The Cedars that Saw Water Turn to Wine (5 min., 2015) for organ A Patreon Exclusive

Omnia-Sacrae (15 min., 2015) for two organs A Patreon Exclusive

Variations from Purgatory (6 min., 2013) for piano A Patreon Exclusive