In a quest to stop being afraid of this blank space I would need to fill and fear that people wouldn’t like what I write, and to do something with this blog, I shall bring to you Vaughan Williams month! Each day I will post a piece I adore by him and also put up a blurb about why I love the piece. I got this idea from a blog post a friend of mine wrote. A while ago she tried this with Mozart and now she’s doing poetry. here’s the post, please do check it out, she has exquisite taste! I’m very tempted to go on a long rant on why I’m upset there’s not enough collaboration between writers and composers and how literature and art music are so much more similar than we tend to think but that’s probably something I should write later on. Meanwhile, I suppose I shall start! 

Today’s piece is the Turtle Dove for Baritone and Mixed-or-male chorus (I prefer mixed). Vaughan Williams loved poetry and he had an extraordinary  sense of the music portrayed between the words of the poems he read and composed a perfect combination of language and music that work together to create a beautiful and heart-wrenching farewell. 

Since I can’t find a good recording on Youtube, here’s a Spotify track. Please let me know if this doesn’t work, I didn’t even know Spotify could be embedded until now. 

[spotify id=”spotify:track:0XzIDlgbCvXrwVvnsMkZYS” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

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