Hello all, so I guess my schedule’s gonna be to post these at the last minute of everyday. 

So today’s piece is the introduction to Vaughan Williams’ Sea Symphony. As far as first symphonies go, I got the same impression as I got from almost every other composer on their first symphony, which was, “I like the rest more” although I will admit, this beginning is fantastic and this doesn’t sound like a composer’s first symphony. It sounds like he’s already mastered crafting enormous universes before tackling his first, and right away, you see the universe he creates by setting these poems by Walt Whitman (who, by the way, happens to be my favorite poet). Once again, he reaches into the poems and digs the music out of them, creating a strong link between the lyrics and the notes. 

Also, I’m wondering if anyone might know any history behind this piece? Mainly, who had that much faith in a rising composer that they asked him to compose such a huge work for chorus and orchestra without anything remotely that large in his name? 

This video shows and interview by the conductor and the piece starts at around 5:40, enjoy! 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp4G5vtdSWc&w=854&h=510]

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