yes, I know it’s after midnight, I’m sorry, my brother kept me up with a terrible romance movie (people, take note, hooters is a terrible place for a first date). Anyway, here’s my submission for the 4th day of Vaughan Williams month. I’ve shown you the beauty, glory, and passion of Vaughan Williams, now for the rage. 

Vaughan Williams symphony no. 4 is probably his most aggressive piece, and is one of the two symphonies of his that ends loudly, and only one of them is good  the other being the eighth symphony (well, I’m not really sure about the 9th but I’m sure anyone is) . I’d like to imagine what it must have been like being at that premiere, probably expecting something like his 3rd Symphony, which is profound, beautiful, and subtle. It’s about his recollections from World War I, but not the war, but of the soldiers themselves, paying tribute to those who died. What soldiers felt in their hearts after battle. But that’s for another day. Today, you get the Symphony no. 4, a piece of absolute music, and also a huge influence on William Walton. I’ll let you make the comparison. Yes my dear reader, today you get two pieces! Because of the connection Walton had with this symphony and his own, I couldn’t help but also post Walton Symphony no. 1. I view the two pieces almost like siblings, and this would make a great pairing for a concert conductors (please please please someone let this concert happen, please, that would make my life)

interview from BBC again, pieces starts at 3:07 if you’re too impatient. 


and here is Walton1, enjoy! 


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