Hey everyone.

So I know I didn’t post on here for a really long time. That’s for 2 reasons.

1. the term started and I had basically no time until it ends next week

2. I decided to wait until I get the recording of my orchestra piece so I can add it on to my post talking about the premiere to you!

So I didn’t anticipate that the recording would take this long, but it finally arrived this afternoon!

Before the concert I had the honor of meeting Eric Shimelonis, a composer from the area who interviewed me for the pre-concert talk. In the interview I ended up talking about my influences and how my faith plays in my music. I quickly learned just how much curiosity was raised by the fact that I’m Lebanese. Looking back at the piece, I don’t recognize any “Lebanese” aspects, I’m really not one for conveying natinalist themes in my music. I’m much more intimate than that, I prefer to center around philosophical and theological influences, but even then, it’s an influence, not quite a programmatic aspect. This piece is absolute music in that sense, there’s not story behind it, but in my program notes I lay out what was more of an allegory for the journey gone through in the piece based on my own spiritual journeys that were inspiration for when I wrote the piece. As you can imagine, I was being very careful talking about faith and arab culture and I think I was able to give enough information without pushing some sort of opinion, since frankly, that’s almost the opposite of the piece.

Then came the performance.

The orchestra was amazing, and the conductor, Victoria Gau, was phenomenal. She took the piece to a level of beauty and intimacy that I didn’t know existed. ┬áIn the one rehearsal I sat in, I was amazed at how much they were able to do in the couple run throughs, and at how much Maestro Gau was able to communicate through her hands. Then the concert came, and I was just completely blown away by their performance. I tried to be professional, I really did, but by the end I was just jumping everywhere, thanking everyone, unable to get over the unforgettable performance I just witnessed.

I just want to thank those who were at the concert, you all were amazing and I definitely was not expecting such a warm reception! I had people coming up to me congratulating me, asking me to sign their program notes and some even wanted my picture! On one hand I was honored, on the other I’m a poor son of a baker.

Anyway, enough talk, here’s the piece!

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=458911611 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

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