Hello all. I’m so sorry for not having made an update since the election. A lot has happened since then, including the conclusion of my semester in Austria and many works of hard preparation for some exciting things to come!

It has been a bit quiet in this site lately, mainly because I’ve been in the developing stages of a couple big projects. There is a lot planned for my last term at Lawrence, and I hope you can join me for them, whether in person or through here.

The first thing that’s happening is my senior recital, dedicated to Aleppo, and title A Night of Infinite Resignation, I and twenty other performers, directors, videographers, have come together to explore identity and trauma through time. It has been an immense process, filled with many nights of rehearsals, planning, introspection, and learning. And in these next two weeks it will be even more so! This recital is not just a concert of 5 pieces, but a complete gesamkunstwerk, an all-encompassing work.

Something I learned within the past year is how much I love collaboration. Not just among musicians, but across a diversity of fields.  One of my favorite concerts while I was in Vienna was a collaboration between a trombone player, an organist, a composer, and a dancer, and they did an hour-long show, similar to what I will be doing, based on the passion of Christ. Unlike any concert I’ve seen before, that beautiful, hour long moment is engraved into my mind, because for that moment time froze and I was taken to what felt like the core of reality, that I had woken up from a slumber which we call our sense reality. This is what happens when music, poetry, and drama marry.

Naomi, the wonderful co-director, had this to say about the recital. “Nebal asks his audience to answer questions that reach the core of what it means to be human. Where does pain come from? How are we to heal if we are historically and actively marginalized?”

For all my friends in the Appleton area, I invite you to come see the concert live, April 9 at 8PM in the Lawrence University Chapel. For anyone that can’t make it, the music will be coming out as an album within the next month or so, and a video album will be available for all to see by June.

Also happening this term, my wind ensemble piece, On the Mountains of Orphalese…,  will be premiered by the Lawrence University wind ensemble April 22 8PM at the LU Chapel, where you can watch it live or view via livestream! Also on the menu is an opera scene, done by members of the Lawrence university opera department, led by Copeland Woodruff. There will also be another, much less formal concert happening later towards May, where I will be talking a bit about my experience in Vienna, and what I learned about marginalized minorities there and how to use that information for increased diversity embracement here in the U.S., where my Euphonium sonata Three Places in NOVA, will be premiered by Sean Jobes! Please also be on the lookout for an organ piece, and a very exciting, very bold project for next year!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me the past few years and put your trust and support into my education and artistry. I hope you will find something meaningful from what I post within the next couple months.


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